Angels of Hope is offered through Volunteers.
100% of Donations are used
 solely for this work.


Welcome to the new
Angels of Hope website.
Thank you for taking time to see everything new that is happening in and through
Angels of Hope.  It is a simple way to touch and change so many lives, when you offer
the gift of Hope to those who are feeling alone, afraid, and feeling a lack of hope. 
We invite you to join us in this service.
“Angels of Hope” is a project of Heartlight Center, a 501(c)(3) organization in Sturgis, Michigan.  Original handpainted Angels are produced and sent to nursing homes, hospitals, and animal shelters across the U.S. in areas experiencing natural disasters,
as well as children’s orphanages and safe houses around the world,
always at no cost to the facility.  
They share their message of Love and Hope:
"Do not be afraid. You are not alone."

With all the upheaval in the world, children are caught in the crossfire,
and often end up alone and on the streets, prey to many who would
harm them. They feel alone and afraid.  Safe houses and orphanages
offer them a new start in life.  We send wooden Angels of Hope to orphanages, safe houses, clinics, etc. along with Angel Coloring
Books, Angel cards and Angel pictures for the children.
All text is in their language for them to read.
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Volunteers go monthly to different nursing homes in our area to do an Angel Craft, making cards, decorations, pictures, or
jewelry item with the residents.  These visits with the
Angels bring smiles to faces and a twinkle in the eyes,
as residents feel loved and cared for.  A wooden
Angel of Hope always joins the group.

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We are locating nursing homes
in areas that are experiencing
wildfires, tornadoes, hurricanes, flooding and other natural disasters across the U.S., and placing Angels of Hope in those facilities to help the residents and staff whose lives are being shaken and homes being destroyed.  The response
to our call is always,
“Thank you so much for remembering us and for caring.”

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 Animals that are abused, abandoned, and lost most often end up in shelters being cared for by volunteers, and are reunited with their owners or adopted out to new homes.  Sometimes natural disasters separate owners from beloved pets, and they too end up in shelters. Angels of Hope are being sent to shelters that are caring for these beautiful creatures.  

We have expanded our Map Of Angel Placements
There are now 4 Interactive Maps, each featuring
a specific area.  To see if there is an Angel in your
area of interest, click on the links to the right.
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