Angels of Hope is offered through Volunteers.
100% of Donations are used
 solely for this work.

About Us
     Angels of Hope and Tees for Angels began as a dream in our hearts in September 2006. Since then, the dream has been unfolding, and is touching the lives of thousands of people across the country and around the world. Angels of Hope and Tees for Angels are nonprofit service projects offered through the Angel Workshop at Heartlight Center in Sturgis, MI.

     Through Angels of Hope and Tees for Angels, we wish to present an Angel to each and every nursing home, children’s hospital, hospice house, orphanage, safe house, and other facility that would like one, at no cost to them. Each Angel of Hope carries the message: “Do not be afraid. You are not alone."  When we are sending an Angel to a children's hospital, orphanage, safe house, or other children's facility, we also send Angel Coloring Books, Angle pictures, and Angel mini cards.  Since April 2014, through Tees for Angels we also send Love is Real t-shirts and mini cards along with the Angels for all the children. These carry the message, "Love is Real. Believe in Miracles." We want all children to know that they are not alone, that they are loved and cared for, and that no matter how challenging their current circumstances might be, they can still believe in miracles!

     This is all made possible through the generous donation of money, materials, services and hours of volunteer time by individuals, businesses, service groups, and other organizations, and through the proceeds of our fundraisers.  Since everyone working in Angels of Hope and Tees for Angels is a volunteer, 100% of the donations we receive go directly to the services we offer.

    It is our deepest desire that through this project , Love and Hope will spread and no one will feel alone.  Thank you for taking the time to learn more about Angels of Hope and Tees for Angels.  We invite you to join us in this service of Love, and look forward to hearing from you.

David is cutting an Angel on the Band saw.

The Angel Workshop

Bob is flattening conduit for Angel stakes using "'Big Blue", our tractor, which has been fitted with plates for the process.
Making Angels is a team effort starting from sheets of plywood which have angels traced upon them using Plexiglas templates. They are then rough cut, and cut out in detail, sanded, spackled. sanded some more, primed, sanded again, and painted with a base coat. Finally, they are ready to move from the Workshop to the Workroom to have their patterns traced on. Then the face, hair, halos, dress, and base flower colors are painted on, using at least 2 coats of paint. The patterns are once again traced for all the detail lines, and the Angels move to another room where the lines on their faces, hands, hair, robes, flowers, wings, halos, banners, words, and stars are painted.

The triangular bases are cut from 2 X 12 boards which are then sanded, primed, and painted, then lettered in bright blue with the words, “Angel of Hope”.

Our tractor, Big Blue even helps out. His front end loader was modified, putting blocks on its pinch points, creating a perfect hydraulic press to flatten the ends of the rods so they can be attached to the Angel.

In the end, a beautiful Angel is ready to go out to spread their joyful message: “Do not be afraid. You are not alone.”

Angel Painting

Millie is Tracing the pattern
 onto the Angel to prepare for detail painting.
 Pam is roughing in the basic colors
on an Angel: face, hair & robe

Christine is painting in the details:
hair lines, face lines, halo lines,
flower & leaf lines,
Arnie is priming Angels
Love is Real Tee Shirt Production

Judith is folding a Tee shirt
Virginia is cutting transfers from the gang sheet
Georges is pressing a transfer on a tee shirt
Transfer is complete
Christine is tagging the finished items
Finished Transfer on a shirt

Packing Angels of Hope and Tees for Angels

Jeanette is preparing this order
each item is wrapped with care

preparing an angel for shipping
the angel is wrapped in bubble wrap to protect it

Angels of Hope and Tees for Angels travel to their destination

Love is Real Tees in Colombia
The finished Love is Real Tee Shirt
is delivered to a little girl in Myanmar

An Angel of Hope and Tees for Angels in Haiti


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