Angels of Hope is offered through Volunteers.
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 solely for this work.

in Bosnia-Herzegovina
      Angels of Hope has another way to reach people in the form of a coloring book featuring all of the available Angels along with inspirational sayings. These Angels carry the same message as the wooden ones, “Do not be afraid. You are not alone,” to all who color them. 
        With the expansion of Angels of Hope internationally, as well as across the U.S. the need has become all too apparent, to touch a particularly vulnerable group of people, the children who have become orphaned through earthquakes, famine, HIV/AIDS, conflict and war. They need a gentle reminder how very precious they are, and that they are truly not alone.  Every Angel of Hope that is sent to an orphanage, safe house, children's hospital or other facility serving children has 10 Angel Coloring Books and some donated crayons that accompany it.
          Angel Coloring Books feature all of the Angels that we have produced. The original version is in English, and has an introduction in the front and inspirational sayings under all of the Angels. When we send Angels to locations that speak other languages, the  coloring books sent with their Angels have the introduction translated and printed into the local language. There are no sayings at the bottom, but the Angels are a little bigger, and we know the Angels will speak to the children’s hearts.  Imagine the smiles!   Actually, you won't even need to imagine.  Just look at the faces of the children below.
The Angels on the cover invite you to come
join the fun!
Each angel greets you
in its own special way
in Haiti
in Honduras



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