Angels of Hope is offered through Volunteers.
100% of Donations are used
 solely for this work.

Angels for Disasters
     In June, 2011, due to the massive devastation from natural disasters in the United States, Angels of Hope began targeting its Angel placements in the U.S. to areas experiencing tornadoes, other severe storms, floods, earthquakes, wildfires, and hurricanes. As soon as we hear of a need, we are locating nursing homes and animal shelters in the area, and offering to send an Angel of Hope.  Their message is always the same, "Do not be afraid. You are not alone."  Hope is what people most need when faced with challenging situations in our lives.
     When the shootings at Sandy Hook Elementary occurred in December, 2012, it was clear that this too was a disaster where Angels of Hope could offer comfort and Hope.  We sent 7 Angels of Hope to their town hall, general store, and several churches, along with hundreds of mini cards that were made available to anyone who wanted one.  Since then, we have continued to send out Angels of Hope to man-made as well as natural disaster areas.  This has included Prescott, AZ when the hotshot team lost their lives.
We continue to research and place angels in areas of natural and man-made disasters around the US. Each year.

We have sent over 200 Angels of Hope to  disaster areas, both natural and man-made,
with 25 of them going out in response to areas hit hard by Hurricane Sandy, 7 to
Newtown, CT after the Sandy Hook shootings, and 5 for the devastating tornado in
Moore, OK.  We receive so many thank you notes expressing gratitude  that they
are remembered and cared about as  they recover from this experience.

Genesis Healthcare Center
Point Pleasant Borough, NJ
after Hurricane Sandy, Nov. 2012
     We heard about all of the animals that have been injured, left homeless, and alone, separated from their owners.  Angels of Hope is sending out cat and dog Angels to shelters that are caring for their needs, and reuniting them when possible, with their human families.  The first of our Angel for the Animals went to a shelter in Alabama that was offering medical care and helping to reunite lost pets during their tornadoes. Since then, many more dog and cat Angels have gone to shelters in disaster areas from coast to coast.

What would you give to lighten just a little of the burden for people who are going through so much?
That is exactly what Angels of Hope can and is doing all across America.


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