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Angels for the Animals
Charlie meets Black & White Fluffy Cat Angel
Alley Cat Rescue 
Brentwood, MD
      Through Angels for the Animals, we are now sending dog and cat Angels of Hope to animal shelters, animal hospitals, and other facilities that care for our beloved pets, especially in areas that are devastated by natural disasters.  There they can stand with smiling faces to welcome all who enter, the families of pets lost and possibly injured during a storm, flood, or wildfire, or pets just needing care.  Often during a disaster, there are large numbers of volunteers going door to door, trying to find lost, frightened, and injured family pets, taking them into shelters where they are fed, given the medical care they need, and then make every effort to find their families again. There are also the prospective families who might have come to adopt an animal that had been abandoned or abused, and offer it a new home, and always, the caring staff there to serve all of the animals.  These Angels carry the very same message all Angels bring: “Do not be afraid.  You are not alone.”  

       How precious this is for the kitty or puppy, dog or cat that may be experiencing so much pain or trauma.  The Angels care for all of us.  When we have a family pet, it is a member of the family and we feel their pain.  It can be difficult to sit in a waiting room feeling helpless while they are being treated, or sitting waiting to hear if your pet has survived the storm.  The Angel of Hope can also comfort our troubled hearts and minds.  

       Animals love us unconditionally, and they help us to open our hearts not only to them, but to all creatures.  No wonder there are so many smiles when you visit a shelter and see boys and girls, young and old, coming to welcome the dog or cat they had lost, or a brand new one they know is waiting just for them.

Mumu's Home of Love
Beijing, China
Animal Welfare Society
Madison Heights, Michigan
Pasado's Safe Haven
Monroe, Washington
                    Pasado's Safe Haven
                    Monroe, Washington

Animal Shelter
The Ark
Cherryfield, Maine


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