Angels of Hope is offered through Volunteers.
100% of Donations are used
 solely for this work.

Placements in Colombia

                                       Ayudame Safe House - 55 children
                    Hogar por Ninos de Una Nueva Planeta - 152 children

                                        Hogar Rompiendo Cadenas - 74 children
2015 Airline Ambassadors International Mission to Bogota
     Each year, Airline Ambassadors International sponsors volunteer humanitarian mission trips to Hogar Rompiendo Cadenas, bringing gifts and offering fun experiences as well as tangible help, to the home and its children.  This year, they painted the inside of the orphanage, with the help of the children!  The children also were given their new Love is Real t-shirts, which they wore on their day trip into the mountains. The joy on their faces is so beautiful.

2014 Airline Ambassadors International mission to Colombia
The Children put their shirts over what ever they were wearing as soon as they received them!

The children's happy faces tell it all!

2012 Airline Ambassadors International Christmas party with the children of 
Hogar Rompiendo Cadenas

     In a thank you note, Nancy Rivard of Airline Ambassadors International, said "Your donations were a huge hit at the orphanage in Bogota, Colombia!!! Our Airline Ambassador team ... provided 71 orphans with individual gifts and many donations at our Christmas party, complete with tree-trimming, music and Papa Noel! In the middle of the party, we hand-delivered each child an angel card and they were thrilled......and the Angel of Hope will grace the orphanage as a beautiful symbol. We also worked with the kids to color special angels from the coloring books."

An Angel of Hope was presented to Hogar Rompiendo Cardenas, along with 
Angel Coloring Books, Angel Cards, and Angel Pictures at the Christmas party given by 
Airline Ambassadors International.

                                                                   Casa de la Madre y el Nino - 75 children
Casa de la Madre y el Nino
               La Calera
                          Special Needs Program -48 children

                                     la casita de Nikolás -39 children      

la casita de Nikolas

                Renae, Cali
                                     Chiquitines Centro de Adopción - 40 children



Chiquitines Centro de Adopción 



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