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Placements in Guatemala
                New Placements
House of Hope - Orphanage - 10 children
                         Chukmuk Day Care Center
Chukmuk is a village of Mayan Families displaced from mudslides in 2005

Airline Ambassadors International deliver an Angel, 
Angel Coloring Books and Mini Cards
to a Day Care Center 
 Casa San Andres-Nuestras Pequenos
                                              Hermanos Orphanage - 200 children

                Guatemala City
                                       Casa Alianza Guatemala - Safe House - 50 children
Casa Alianza with Carolina Escobar (top left)
A Safe House for street children and unwed teen mothers
                                       Casa Para Ninos Aleluya Orphanage - 500 children

  Hogar Luz de Maria Orphanage - 2016 update sent Tees - 60 children

                                       Hogar Luz de Maria Orphanage - 40 children

Hogar de Ninos Fatima Orphanage - 40 children
Two new Video Clips from 
Hogar de Ninos Fatima Orphanage


                                       Our Lady of Mercy Children's Home - Orphanage - 25 children

                                       Mending Kids International Medical Mission - 80 children
                                       The Scheel Center School - 150 children

                La Antigua               
                                       Albergue Santa Madre Emergency Shelter - 100 children

                                       Casa Jackson
                                                 Center for Malnourished Infants - 150 children

                                       The Dreamer Center - God's Child HQ - 200 children

                                       Mayan Families School and Clinic - 
                San Antonio Palopo
              San Antonio Palopo Pre-School - 30 children

                San Miguel Duenas
                                       Open Windows - Day Center - 33 children



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