Angels of Hope is offered through Volunteers.
100% of Donations are used
 solely for this work.




Welcome to the Angel Workshop!
Thank you for taking time to see everything that is happening in and through
Angels of Hope and Tees for Angels. This is a simple way to touch and
change so many lives, when you offer the gifts of Hope and Love
to those who are feeling alone, afraid, and without hope.
We invite you to join us in this service.
Original handpainted Angels, Angel Coloring Books, Angel pictures and mini cards are
being sent to nursing homes and animal shelters across the U.S.  in areas
experiencing disasters, as well as children’s hospitals in the U.S. and
children’s orphanages and safe houses around the world.  These
items are always provided at no cost to the facility.  They
share their message of Hope and Love,
"Do not be afraid. You are not alone."
The Angels do not go alone to children's facilities, whether to children's hospitals,
pediatric wings, or birthing centers in the U.S., or to orphanages, safe houses,
or other facilities overseas.  Through Tees for Angels, brightly colored
Love is Real t-shirts and mini cards are offered at no cost, to all of
these facilities for the children in their care, so that the children
will be able to always have this message with them:

"Love is Real. Believe in Miracles."


International Placements


     With all the upheaval in the world, children are caught in the crossfire, and often end up alone and on the streets, prey to many who would harm them. They feel alone and afraid. Safe houses and orphanages offer them a new start in life.  International Placements of Angels of Hope and Tees for Angels are our response, and always made at no cost to the facility.
     We send handmade wooden Angels of Hope to orphanages, safe houses, clinics, and other facilities that care for these children, along with Angel Coloring Books, Angel mini cards and Angel pictures for the children. The text on the mini cards is in their own language so that they can read them. Angel pictures are sent for infants and toddlers so their Angels can be hung on their cribs or the walls above them.  Older children enjoy the mini cards, and usually tuck them in their pockets to have their Angels with them.

Children's Hospitals

      Most people have experienced seeing children in hospitals - yourself as a child, a son, daughter, brother, or sister, a neighbor, or friend. Hospital procedures can be uncomfortable, and are often painful, and days and nights away from home can be lonely and long.  The children need the message of the Angels, “Do not be afraid. You are not alone," and since  most children have heard about Angels, they respond enthusiastically to the presence of an Angel of Hope. 
     Our desire is to see Angels of Hope available in Children’s Hospitals, pediatric floors, and birthing centers, in every single state, They are always sent at no cost to the facility, and are accompanied by a packet of Angel Coloring Books, Angel mini cards, and/or pictures for the children.
Through Tees for Angels, Love is Real t-shirts are given 
with any of 15 designs, and in sizes from infant "onesies" 
to toddler, youth, and even adult sizes, as needed.
Through Tees for Angels, brand new, brightly colored Love is Real t-shirts are being offered to children's hospitals in the U.S., and to orphanages, safe houses, and other facilities caring for children internationally.  With the t-shirts, each child will receive a Love is Real mini card with a design and the message, "Love is Real. Believe in Miracles," on the front in the children's native language, and the Love is Real logo on the back, so that these children can remember that, regardless of their life experiences, Love IS Real, and that they too, can Believe in Miracles.  This too, is done at no cost to the facility.  Please help us clothe these beautiful children with Love!


Angels of Hope and Tees for Angels Products 

USA Angels in Disaster Areas and Angels for the Animals
                                        Angel Activities

Brentwood, MD

Animals that are abused, abandoned, and lost most often end up in shelters being cared for by volunteers, and are reunited with their owners or adopted out to new homes. Sometimes natural disasters separate owners from beloved pets, and they too end up in shelters. Angels of Hope are being sent to shelters that are caring for these beautiful creatures.

Volunteers go monthly to a nursing home in our area to do an Angel Craft, making decorations, pictures, cards, or jewelry items with the residents. These visits with the Angels bring smiles to faces and a twinkle in the eyes, as residents feel loved and cared for. An actual wooden Angel of Hope always joins the group.


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