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     With all the upheaval in the world, children are caught in the crossfire, and often end up alone and on the streets, prey to many who would harm them. They feel alone and afraid. Safe houses and orphanages offer them a new start in life. There are 143 million children worldwide who are living in orphanages!
      The handmade Angels of Hope that we send to the orphanages, safe houses, and other facilities that care for these children, stand on a base that says "Angel of Hope" in their own language. The text on the Angel of Hope and Love is Real mini cards and pictures  is also translated,  so that the children can read them. Angel pictures are sent for infants and toddlers to be hung on their cribs or the walls above them.  Older children receive mini cards, and usually tuck them in their pockets to have their Angels with them.  The Angel Coloring Books are also favorite items among the children.  The children immediately put their new shirts on - often over the one they are wearing.  For most, it is the first new t-shirt they have ever owned.  The smiles that often come, despite all the challenges they face, shows that everything we hope for is manifesting - they find themselves clothed in Love.  
       Our vision is that all children whose lives have been filled with trauma, chaos, pain, and challenges of every kind, might be touched by an Angel, and know that they are not alone, and that they are clothed in love, cherished, and cared for, part of a much greater whole, and that they too, can believe in miracles in their own lives.


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