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Placements in Jordan


                                        NAAMA Clinic - Syrian Refugee Camps

NAAMA Clinic/Syrian Refugee Camps in Amman, Jordan
Malki-SCM Children's Center
Graduation Party
     This center serves 25-30 children per quarter, helping them deal with the the physical, mental, and emotional damage caused by years of war, devastation, families split apart, homes destroyed, parents murdered in front of them, rape, imprisonment, hunger, and every form of deprivation.  Many, not surprisingly, have PTSD symptoms at their young ages. The children often arrive displaying one or more symptoms of trauma: aggression, bed wetting, a refusal to interact with others. Most  leave the programs after a single quarter. Those who don't show improvement have the opportunity to stay on. This is the first of ten children's centers being opened, and  they funded entirely by donations. The center is dedicated to helping the youngest victims of the wars in neighboring Syria and Iraq.
     These children, and their surviving family members need to hear the message of the Angels, "Do not be afraid. You are not alone," shared through the Angel of Hope and Angel mini cards that were sent.  The brightly colored Love is Real t-shirts and mini cards carry another essential truth that can make their uncertain futures a bit easier to face, "Love is Real. Believe in Miracles."  They are reminded through these simple gifts that they are not alone, that they are remembered, cared for, loved, that Love IS Real, and they too, can believe in miracles in their lives.   
                                        Zaatari Refugee Camp - Syrian Refugee Camps - 56 children
Syrian Refugee Children at Zaatari Refugee Camp


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