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Love is Real Mini Cards

     Every t-shirt that is given out through Tees for Angels is accompanied by a mini card.  Love is Real Mini Cards are 3" X 2.75" laminated cards with one of 15 Love is Real designs that match the ones on the Love is Real shirts.  The design and the message, "Love is Real. Believe in Miracles," are on the front of the card.  For overseas orders for orphanages, safe houses, and other children's facilities, the message is translated into the native language of the children who will receive them so they can read it.  On the back, is the Love is Real logo containing the same message in English. Our transporters have watched as children gently tuck their mini cards in their pockets, holding them near and dear. 
     As a child lays in a hospital bed, he may not even be able to get his new shirt on, but he can hold his card, and hang on to the knowledge that he is loved, and he too, can believe in miracles.  As days and years go by, children will outgrow their t-shirts and pass them on to smaller relatives or friends, but they will always have their mini cards to remind them of this gift of Love.




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