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                        Kathmandu Orphanage and Children's Happy Home in Panauti



                                        Nepal Children's Home and 
Buddhist Children's Home 
                                                   - Orphanage - 74 children



Nepal New Beginnings Children's Home and 
Buddhist Children's Home
Tom Velie, LSCW, President of New Beginnings international Children's and Family Services, Inc., sent this thank you message:
"The timing is of God. In the midst of yet another crisis in Nepal, the closing of the primary supply route between India and Nepal, 
the t-shirts are a symbol of hope to the children. Bobby returned to Kathmandu in late October to find the supply route closed, the 
caretakers having to get into the earthquake emergency supplies to provide food, and then no cooking gas. I've attached the
photos of the children we received from Bobby. I pray these will be a blessing to you, and we thank you for your kindness."


                                        Eco Farm - Orphanage - 28 children




Eco Farm - Orphanage


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