Angels of Hope is offered through Volunteers.
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 solely for this work.

Placements in the Philippines


                 New Placements

Dumpsite Families - 69 children


                 Manila, Irigi City
                                       Fatima Center Orphanage - 150 children

Fatima Center Orphanage
                 Cebu City
                                       Children's Shelter of Cebu
                 San Antonio, Zambales
                                        Shepherd of the Hills Orphanage - 100 children
The children are enjoying coloring their angels and holding their cards. Their smiles tell it all!
Shepherd of the Hills Orphanage

                                        Shepherd of the Hills Orphanage - 100 children
2015 update:

The Children Love their new Tees 

                 Cumangas, Iloilo
                                       Don Bosco Home - Orphanage - 28 children
                 Liloan, Cebu
                                       Don Bosco Home - Orphanage - 37 children
                                       Children's Shelter of Cebu - Shelter - 60 children
                 Maa. Davao City
                                      Boys Town (Don Bosco) - Orphanage - 55 children
                 Negros, Bacolad City
                                      Bacolad boys Home (Don Bosco) - Orphanage - 34 children
                                       Camcumbang Community Center

                                      Missionaries of Charity

                                       SOS Children's Village - 25 children



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